Chip McCrawChip McCraw is a marketing communication professional with a successful track record of developing verbal, video, and written communication processes that accomplish specific goals.

Corporate Marketing Manager, BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC

What else I write: BluSky Blog

I was born the son of an English professor and an artist. Thus from the beginning there’s been in my DNA a passionate love for the spoken and written word and for all things creative.

My pastel artist mother also owned a snare drum that I can remember crawling on as a toddler. My love affair with drums was further ignited a few years later while still a preschooler, when I discovered a live Benny Goodman album in her collection. When I heard Roy Burns performing the drum solo in Sing Sing Sing I was so captivated that I would move the turntable needle back repeatedly so I could hear just the solo, over and over. (If you really want to hear what started the fire, it starts at 12:40 in this clip.)

My English professor dad instilled in me a love for words by quoting Shakespeare, Robert Frost, and the King James Bible to me even before I was old enough to fully understand. His passion for their gifted use of ordinary words to create extraordinarily moving imagery was impossible to resist. I didn’t even try.

This heritage led me to pester my parents until they bought my first Sears drumset for my 12th birthday. That gift steered me into the extraordinary world of playing in bands that carries on to this day. I’ve even managed to sneak some of Roy’s licks into my own solos.

Chip Chase, Rado DJJust a few years later that heritage thrust me into my first career as a radio DJ where I enjoyed crafting one-liners and researching music trivia. I loved the stories of musicians and how they created their music so much that I wanted to share it with my audience. Maybe a little too much, because I occasionally got phone calls from listeners demanding “less talk and more music.”

These days my love of creativity and words shows up in my work as a marketing manager, where I get to find new and different ways to tell my employer’s stories in print and online.

What I do: 

My areas of expertise and experience include internal and external communication, teaching and training, and team building.

Currently I’m the corporate marketing manager at BluSky Restoration Contractors, which provides commercial, industrial, governmental, residential, and multifamily restoration, renovation, environmental, and roofing services across the United States. I get to tell that story wearing all kinds of marketing hats: I serve as the company webmaster, managing all site content, search engine optimization (SEO), and site traffic analytics. I also manage digital marketing and social media for the company including search engine marketing (SEM), remarketing, other online advertising, managing content on all company social media assets, and performance analytics for each initiative. Marketing is all about data, so when I’m not developing content you’ll find my nose buried in a spreadsheet or ten.

Previously, I was a marketing manager with a Fortune 200 telecommunications company where I oversaw corporate sponsorships, sales incentives, and press release writing and distribution.  Prior to that I spent 7 years with the local public school district (first as a high school video production teacher and then heading the district’s education access cable channel), and  12 years as a radio personality & music director.

I’m a life-long North Carolina boy, married to a Midwesterner who taught me to love Wisconsin cheese and the Green Bay Packers. Proud dad of two amazing kids, and a beagle.

And if that isn’t enough, you can find out more here:



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