Monthly Archives: August 2012

My first video editing project in years, and it’s this??

Video production used to be a huge part of my life.  Having started my career in radio, I saw video as a natural progression. After all, we used to refer to TV as “radio with pictures.” So after 12 years in radio I made a career change and spent the next 12 years doing video production. Half of that time was spent at what’s now known as Time Warner Cable in Greensboro, and the other half was in the local public school district where I taught video production to high school students and produced programming for the district’s education access channel.

Then I made another career change in 2001 and haven’t done any editing since. Until this month. Continue reading


The letter I wish I’d sent a year ago

letter imageThis isn’t laced with deep regret about it being too late to say what I wanted to say. Our oldest child went off to college a year ago this weekend and I started writing this letter to her that next week. But I didn’t finish it until she was nearly done with her first semester and at that point it seemed a little late. This weekend as we prepare to move her back for sophomore year I decided it’s never too late. So this is the letter I wrote and wish I’d sent a year ago: Continue reading