Monthly Archives: July 2012

Some of these people will not die of old age

As my high school graduation approached, I looked around at my classmates during a school assembly. I then turned to my best friend and observed, “You know, some of these people will not die of old age.”

It wasn’t some mystic revelation or prophecy. I wasn’t privy to secret information, just an understanding that things happen. Even to young people. Even people I knew.

It didn’t take long for the “prophecy” to be fulfilled. Continue reading


An outsider’s journey through Door County

Keller Kottage, Door Co.To clarify, I’m not a complete outsider but I’m close.  My father-in-law’s dad and family built a cottage on Sand Bay in Door County, Wisconsin in the 1940s.  The cottage is still in the family.  I’ve lived in North Carolina all my life but paid my first visit to Door County 25 years ago this summer, only months after my wife and I married.  It’s been about 14 years since we’ve been here though, so it all seemed new to me again when we returned this month. Continue reading