ConvergeSouth 2013 Notes, Afternoon Sessions

In my previous post ConvergeSouth 2013 Notes, Morning Sessions, i shared some of the notes I took in the morning.  As promised, notes from the rest of the day are below.

A few reminders from the previous post:

  1. These are notes, so don’t expect a lot of complete sentences
  2. They don’t include everything, so if you attended or presented please, please add a comment with your takeaways and/or corrections. No slight intended on my part by any omissions!
  3. Wish I had pics of all the afternoon presenters but wasn’t able to shoot everybody.

10 Principles of Social Media Relationship  Building

Teddy Burriss

Teddy Burriss @TLBurriss

Everything you do in social media must be TRUHE: transparent, relevant, useful, honest, engaging 

Relationships occur when you help others

Giving is a powerful way to build a relationship

Experience and experiment without giving up (college students, don’t listen!)

Beyond WordPress

Jordan Cauley

Jordan Cauley @JDCauley

There’s more to the web than WordPress – it may dominate for only a couple more years.

Squarespace is an excellent alternative.

Shopify is good for eCommerce.

Ghost is so bleeding edge that it hasn’t launched yet. Coming Monday.

Jordan’s Speaker Deck presentation

10 Ways to Ignite Your Mobile Video

Nikki Miller-Ka

Nikki Miller-Ka @NikSnacks

“Shoot, shower, and shave.” Best line of the day,

You can shoot and edit video in your smartphone. But NEVER vertically! Ever.

Lots of video tools available like Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Socialcam, etc.

Journalists use Videolicious – you can add music and add a voiceover with the mic on your phone.

7 Deadly Writing Sins

Blanca Cobb

Blanca Cobb @BlancaCobb

Be authentic and make sure your grammar is correct.

Use the word “this” instead of “that.” “This” connects you with your subject, “that” distances you from it.

Facebook Pages Now!

Jeff SanGeorge

Jeff SanGeorge @JeffSanGeorge

Give people what they want to see. Gauge by how much engagement a post gets for understanding what works.

Posts with <140 characters get more engagement

Post big images – 1200×627 pixels

Social engagement idea: “write a caption for this photo.”

Make your content, including images, mobile friendly – most engagement is happening on mobile now.

Jeff’s slideshare presentation

UNCG’s integrated marketing and strategic communication plan

Debbie Schallock @CoolDeb, Danielle Baldwin @ldbaldwin, Lanita Withers Goins @lanitawgoins

Create a unifying narrative and consistent branding

Research your brand’s perception

Review all of your communication pieces

Do a competitive audit to learn how your competitors are communicating with their audiences

Create content that shows and tells how and why we do what we do

Pictures can tell your story without screaming, “This is why we do what we do.”

Create a brand guide that defines your graphics strategy and content strategy

Have a multi-platform social media strategy to ensure you have a consistent message across all of the platforms you use to engage with your followers/audience.

Use a single hashtag per event or occasion, and use the same hashtag across all platforms.

Choose images that are sharable (no. of pixels, size, etc.). Utilize really great photography and don’t overdo it.

Do a Google search for “infographics dimensions in social media” for info on size requirements on various social media platforms.

Focus your efforts on your top 2 platforms and then on others when needed.

Use Facebook milestones with images that pack a punch to tell your story.



Kelley O’Brien @KelleyOB

Respond to events in your area with contextual posts on social

How to improve: step back and do a real audit of what you’re doing

Find brands that match you and see how they engage their audience

How to decide on using a new social media platform: Look at where your audience is, what relates to your brand, how dedicated you will be to it


Jayme Soulati @Soulati

You’ll never “master” blogging. There’s more to learn every day.

Post a minimum of 3 blog articles per week

Get Clicky – good web analytics tool

Triberr: a new tool to grow your blog’s readership

Social is trending to shorter content, and hail to the hashtag!

Instagram = insta-engagement. Also provides a way to auto-post to other social profiles

Jayme’s slideshare presentation


Ryan Boyles @TheRab

Twitter is becoming a media company – people are sharing and getting their news from Twitter

Apps are the new web

Support natural, innovative web experiences

After apps:

  • smartwatches to use apps
  • Car web: 16 million lines of code in the new Ford Fusion, making it a rolling connected datacenter
  • Wearable web like Google Glass
  • Cognitive web: Apple’s Siri, iIBM’s Watson, Tony Stark’s Jarvis

PCs and laptops are dead. Tablets are questionable. What’s next?

As a business, how are you going to react?

75% of the planet have at least 1 Internet-connected device

Every business model is disrupted by the web. You have to react to every “business moment.”

Context is now king. It matters as much as content.

Ryan’s slideshare presentation  

Did you attend ConvergeSouth 2013? Add your takeaways or corrections in the comments section.


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