The Arc of Greensboro’s Fatz Breakfast

A big “thank you” shout out to Fatz on High Point Road in Greensboro for their support this morning of The Arc of Greensboro’s fundraiser breakfast.

 Members of The Arc and other volunteers greeted guests, served breakfast, and bussed tables this morning.

Fatz donated pancakes, bacon, eggs, and beverages, leaving all receipts as clear profit for The Arc.  The proceeds will support The Arc’s many programs, including their Challenger Sports League.

If you’re unfamiliar, Challenger Sports League provides recreational opportunities for kids with disabilities ranging from autism to down syndrome to spina bifida, just to name a few. You’re likely to see kids in wheelchairs and using walkers playing alongside kids with less visible disabilities on the baseball diamond, the basketball court, or in the bowling alley.

Many thanks to Fatz for their support, and to everyone who volunteered or came to enjoy a hearty breakfast!


1 thought on “The Arc of Greensboro’s Fatz Breakfast

  1. Ionut

    its ridiculous isn’t it, in this day and age, peploe still use words like this…its like the word spastic…haven’t heard it for years, but the other day I heard someone say it, i explained (calmly)that it was unacceptable, and we say Cerebral palsy now…derogatory terms drive me crazy…


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