My first video editing project in years, and it’s this??

Video production used to be a huge part of my life.  Having started my career in radio, I saw video as a natural progression. After all, we used to refer to TV as “radio with pictures.” So after 12 years in radio I made a career change and spent the next 12 years doing video production. Half of that time was spent at what’s now known as Time Warner Cable in Greensboro, and the other half was in the local public school district where I taught video production to high school students and produced programming for the district’s education access channel.

Then I made another career change in 2001 and haven’t done any editing since. Until this month.

My current boss saw the US Olympic Swim Team’s spoof of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit “Call Me Maybe” and wanted to jump on the bandwagon. (There are hundreds of such parodies floating around the Internet.) He saw it as a chance for a fun team-building exercise. His idea was met both with enthusiasm and stiff resistance, depending on whose musical tastes were being challenged.

My co-workers shot footage of themselves “performing” on a recent Friday and then I was given the enviable task of editing it into a music video over the weekend. Woo hoo!

It actually was a lot of fun to produce. (I even gave myself a Hitchcock-style cameo appearance in my own movie.) The video was all shot on a consumer level Sony HD camcorder. I took the video clips and edited them in the free Windows Live Movie Maker software that comes with most laptops. Nothing fancy, just simple video edits over an audio track.

Windows Live Movie Maker doesn’t have the capability (or I couldn’t find it) to insert B-roll video over existing sound-on-tape. It would have been fun to add a “the making of” segment with an interview of my co-workers, inserting cutaway shots of the shoot while hearing their narration. Maybe there’s a way I haven’t discovered, or maybe that’s reserved for editing software you have to purchase.

Regardless, it was fun to revisit one of my old passions, even for one weekend. Now to find an excuse to do something a little more serious.

Have you played with free editing software? Share your experience in the comments section. Smart aleck comments on on the video might be tolerated too. After all, I’m asking you to give up 3 minutes of your life to endure a little silliness.


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